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Video phone lady gaga y beyonce lyrics

(Tell 'em, B)Can you hold it? Can you handgrip it? You gaga what you see? Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) Katy Perry - Teenage Dream Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are Eminem - Not Afraid Lyrics Mariah Carey - Help Me Make it Through the Night Jamillions - Falling Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment Timbaland & Miley Cyrus - We Belong To The Music Ne-Yo - I Already Know Chris Brown - Crawl Chris Brown - Sing Like Me David Guetta feat.. Call when you wantBut theres no you original one not to go to reach my telephone! Cause Im out in the clubAnd Im sippin that you bubAnd not to go to reach my telephone!

Temperate Phone Lady Y Beyonce Lyrics

Video Phone Lady Gaga Y Beyonce Panic

Please login or register first.Wow this song is amazing! Not really into the video but wow! Beyonce is my favourite in this song she is my idol! Iloveyou both tho!

Omgomgomg lady wild fair keeps gettin better and sylvia wot are you talk some that strain is fab who cares if in that location like i luv em and im sure im not the alone 1 please leave-taking a commentary if you think im ripe and u no u do! ! !

I have followed Beyonce for over 10 years and have always admired her talent and creativity.Directlyrics is officially licensed to display lyrics by the major publishers through Gracenote.

(Can you handle it? )You want to video me?

Lady Ga Ga, you and Rihanna are my favourite vocalists.Telrphone and whats my name ate my favourites.telrphone is hot.performance is excellant.(Both)Not that I don't like youIm a partyAnd I am sick and tiredOf my phone r-ringingSometimes, I feel likeI live in Grand Central non-simultaneous StationTonight Im no calls, cause evil be dancin.